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Boys soccer players having fun at the Strikers Junior Academy



Dear Strikers Junior Academy Staff,

As an ex-Striker coach in the 1990s, I was not disappointed by your program. My step-son, Kim Te (7 yrs) had one prior experience (his first in football) with another organization, prior to coming to your Junior Academy program this Fall. The two programs are miles apart and clearly what you offer young football hopefuls is encouraging. I like your Wednesday night skills practices and I particularly impressed with the degree of discipline that exists with the youngest players in your program. They seem very attentive. I know Kim's capabilities have dramatically improved in the past few months and we look forward to rejoining again in February.

You should be proud of the A-1 effort you offer these children. We will certainly speak highly of your program to others. As of now, I think Kim only knows one friend who has an interest in football and I believe could benefit from what you offer.

Kind regards,

Michael Ward

Listen... I grew up with this game and I am a passionate advocate of what it adds to a person's life. I have a 5 year old son who walks around all day wearing an Arsenal jersey singing supporters songs. This program that the people at Strikers are putting on is one word - fantastic!

It is a testimonial to how far the real "football" has come in this country and provides a great deal of hope with regards to American prospects of competing on a global scale. The way Strikers have provided a balanced atmosphere where kids can first and foremost have fun, meet new friends, and have a non-pressured introduction to this great game. While at the same time providing a skilled and knowledgeable staff of coaches, (who have played at a high level) laying the groundwork for each child to develop great technical habits on an individual level, and a solid understanding of the way the game is supposed to be played on a team level.

With Strikers Junior Academy I feel my child is getting a 5 year head start on other kids who are getting their introduction to the game via another child’s father who simply put...has little to no understanding about the game and the importance of developing good habits at a young age.

Training sessions are intelligently structured and gives young kids a glimpse of what their skill set should and will look like if they apply what they are being taught, by allowing limited interaction with older kids who have been in the program for a number of years. It provides youngsters with role models at a close proximity that are a product of the same training they are currently taking part in...and goes all the way up the ladder for many years to come. The games are fun - no emphasis on winning or’s about getting the kids out there enjoying and understanding the game. It’s great to see the week by week development of all the participants...everyone gets better and that in summary is what makes this program so special!

I look forward to working with Strikers FC for many years to come and developing a long term relationship with the staff to get the most out of my child’s enjoyment and development as a young American footballer.



Ricky Kaplan